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Product Catalog
Easy-to-use product catalog neatly classified into categories and also with separate information page for every product. Product zoom facility and Optional product comparison feature. Configurable page sizes and alphabet filters for easy navigation.
Product Search
In Addition to browse through product pages or catalog pages to reach a specific product, customer can find the products immediately using the quick product search option.
Shopping Cart Software
This is the core feature which enables the registered customer to choose the product he wishes, and to purchase products/service online
• EASY TO USE SHOPPING CART to add products for purchase.
• Ability to See, Update or Remove the product(s) in the cart
• Store shipping address and contact details for speedy process on next visits
• Save Cart facility to resume shopping after break
• Choose shipment options from available list configurable by site admin
• Automatic tax and shipment charge calculations
Online Payment
A customer who wants to buy products/service from the site, he can pay for the same using credit card or net-banking account of banks
† using the payment gateway interface we have integrated with ecSale.
† Only selected banks, it depends on payment gateway you choose to integrate
Any person who visits the site will get information about the product/service and one who is a registered customer can write review about the product/service. These reviews will serve us in two purposes namely, Helps customers to take informed decision about products/service More keywords - helps our site get listed in search results
Anybody can register with the site for speedy checkout process, but a customer who wants to purchase products from the site can register. Once registered he can enjoy the features like online ordering using credit cards or net-banking, save and resume shopping cart, order status checking, order history viewing, shipping address storing etc.. A registered user can change password or reset password at anytime which will be informed through mail.
Admin can use the registered users detail to do promotion and analysis.
Order history
A customer who registered with the site, can view the history of orders placed from the site, and status of the orders placed.
Email and SMS Notifications on order
For each order, on successful remittance of the amount, you will be informed about the same through email and also you will receive sms alert about the order placed. This will help to capture the order in minimum possible time and allows you to keep track of the business from both online and offline.
Order Management
Admin on login can see immediately the latest orders on the site. He can filter the orders on various parameters like time, transaction id and username. At any time he can see the details of the particular order like ordered items, shipping address, customer details etc… You as admin can change the status of orders appropriately during the process. Admin can even cancel the order and refund the amount to the user. An Admin can set the order as shipped once process has been done.
Category and Catalog Management
UNLIMITED CATEGORIES AND SUB-CATEGORIES - Organize your products and services by category and sub-category. Don't worry how many different categories you have. Use what you need.
• Complete online product catalog
• Unlimited product categories and sub-categories
• Category descriptions displayed upon category selection
• Catalog published in search engine friendly format
Products and Inventory Management
NO PRODUCT LIMIT - Add as many products as you need. There is no charge for adding more products. Easy Interface to add new product(s) or to edit features of existing products. We assist you with any configuration needed. We configure ecSale to add any number of product fields to match ANY product or service
• Multiple images per product
• Completely customizable product page layout
• Optional Multiple product display layout formats
• Special discount codes to provide discounts by product.
• Automatic inventory management on successful orders.
• Inventory log history to keep track of sales
Customizable Tax & Shipping Calculators
You as admin can set global tax rate and shipping charge for the products/service. Tax rates can be configured even state wise. You can provide different shipping options to the customer and on selecting a shipping option during checkout process system will calculate the shipment or handling charges automatically.
Customers Tracking and log history
You can at any time see the number of users visited the site, what they did in your site, when your site gets more traffic, which product gets more attraction and lot more details to know about the performance of your site. These details will certainly help you to benchmark yourselves.
And many more features… Get complete details by means of live demo
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Also get complete list of features available in each package with comparison
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